Are you ready to become part of the mighty Vulture Capital committee?




Vulture Capital

Own a vulture and have it scoure the Avalanche Ecosystem for the freshest sources of that tasty $AVAX! Stake your $BONE and start collecting rewards in $AVAX straight away! With the vulture protocol providing easy access so you can start profiting from the vast DEFI landscape today.


$BONES for everyone! After the committee has successfully passed the first major milestone of 80% vultures minted, the governance and staking token $BONE will be launched! 20% of the total supply will be airdropped to Vulture holders directly! Stay tuned to not miss your first bone-drop!

First Announcement

coming soon


Phase 0

Setup Website and Protocol
Setup Socials
Announcement Presale

Phase 1

Launch Sale
Launch Protocol
Launch Marketing Campaign
Launch Lottery V1

Phase 2

Launch Staking Pools
$BONE Pre-Sale
Pre Launch $BONE
Pre Launch Staking Rewards Distribution
Partner Announcements

Phase 3

Begin Reward Distribution
$BONE Airdrop
Begin $BONE Distribution
Launch DAO Voting
Performance Review

Phase 4

Execute DAO Votings and Proposals
Takeover Execute Powers Protocol by the DAO

Phase 5

DAO Performance Review
Further Steps
Investment Pool Diversification Protocol


Head of Project

Florian Pfeiffer

Florian Pfeiffer is taking over as leader of the project. With 10 years of combined experience in start-up consulting and consulting work in the classic financial sector.He started his career as a fi... nancial advisor for insurance providers like AXA and Zurich before starting expanding his horizon as consultant and accountant in the family lead start up consulting firm Expatco AG. Located in the Crypto Valley of Switzerland Zug,he was able to build an extensive network in what he considered his Industry of passion. Further project under his management includes the blockchain solution provider Kanaloa Network.

Head of Business Operations


Darko is a professionally trained actor and cryptocurrency enthusiast hailing from Australia. He has 16 years of experience working in the television and media industry. Darko is the host for the Cryp... to Tonight Youtube channel and has been in the space since 2012. He has also hosted videos for Crypto Express, Crypto Advance, Altcoin Buzz, Asia Blockchain Review, and CoinMarketCap.

Darko has interviewed over 50 crypto brands from all over the world.

Crypto Tonight is a proud member of the McAfee Alliance, personally inducted by John McAfee himself! Darko is currently COO for Kanaloa, and a Key Opinion Leader for Philippines based company SparkPoint Global Ventures.

Head of Marketing & Community management

Raphael Baumgartner

Hailing from Switzerland, Ray brings with him a background in business, has a profound passion for the NFT industry and is a serious crypto enthusiast. Originally, Ray was mainly... concerned with the financial market and can therefore transfer important valuation criteria to the still young crypto sector. For Ray, substance, communication and transparency are the foundation of a successful team. Ray is also behind the brand Swiss Exclusives, and is responsible for social media & marketing. Ray has deep experience in building Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages with a ton of followers and loves to communicate. Contact him on LinkedIn for a virtual coffee!

Head of Development

Robin Austin

My Name is Robin Austin, a 20 year old swiss american living in Switzerland. Other than working as a mediamatician, I have been building the brand SwissExclusives toghether with Raphael Baumgartner... and have been following the NFT-Space for a while now.

Chief Advisor

Sean Henderson

Sean Henderson (aka Satoshi Sean) came from the legacy financial system as an insurance agent and financial counselor, and is now an influencer and Crypto... Evangelist who has been very active in the Cryptosphere since 2016. In promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency as well as the business side of the space. He has both advised and been a full team member of a multitude of projects from exchanges, both centralized and decentralized to being one of the first people to help bring insurance to the blockchain back in 2018. One of the things he is most proud of being referred to in the Crypto Community is “a friend to all”


Rick Bartos

A comic book artist and illustrator who loves to draw funny things.



Chris is dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. The overall focus of the channel Rice TVx is FREEDOM & SOVEREIGNTY. Practice change, being the change we want to see, is at the core of e... verything I do. I aim to provide information, education, & value to help others empower themselves! We all have the ability to change ourselves & the world. When enough people take a stand, nothing can stand against the people!

Cadaver Dao

Own a vulture and have it scoure the Avalanche Ecosystem for the freshest sources of that tasty $AVAX! Stake your $BONE and start collecting rewards in $AVAX straight away! With the vulture protocol providing easy access so you can start profiting from the vast DEFI landscape today.

$BONE Ecosystem

Use your $BONE to earn $AVAX: By staking your $BONE together with your Vulture NFT you automatically get access to your share of the rewards generated by the CADAVER DAO fund! Simply stake your $BONE and claim your rewards directly in $AVAX whenever you want!

DAO Voting

All $BONE stakers are able to vote on upcoming proposals sent to the Cadaver dao, letting you decide what happens next!

Liquidity Buybacks

With the implemented vulture protocol setting aside a % of rewards to buy back $BONE to bolster the liquidity, the CADAVER DAO secures a buy-pressure free way to make sure there is enough bones for everyone!